Thursday, July 31

Another Week of Introspection with the Cheddar X
Because he has a gift for joyously unrestrained prose, here's Ryan's introduction to the Cheddar X with apologies to anyone who decides to get offended by it. It has been very, very slightly edited to protect the guilty, namely me.
"The assault upon the banality of the Friday Five forges on, as Johnny Huh? continues to provide the Cheddar X revolution that will one day poke a fat, gnarled toe into the vagina of the Friday Five. Did I just type that?"

And now, on to this week's set of questions, post them at your convenience as the Cheddar X has no hard and fast rules for when it all comes together. This is a free form exchange so do it at your own pace. Just remember to come back and let us know when you have posted so we can all learn more about each other. Geezo, I sound like a freaking therapist, okay now, everyone, group hug. Hahaha!

From Carlene comes: 1. What are people's greatest misconception about you?

And the rest,
2. What is your most over used expression?

3. If they made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you and who do you think would end up playing you?

4. If you could have sex with anyone, ever, who would it be?

5. What's the best and worst thing you've done for or to your appearance?

Which begs the follow up question:
6. What's your best physical trait? (yeah, yeah, shallow like the Friday Five on Prozac and Ritalin but I'm curious so there ya go)

Tuesday, July 22

More New Members and New Questions!
Yeeha, the Cheddar X is invading the web, like a secret creeping fog that permeates all it touches, the Cheddar X is reaching out and finding resonant voices to join the growing chorus of dissatisfaction with the shallow end of blog pool's weekly or semi-regular question sites.
This week we welcome Everyday Stranger to the fold (who also happens to have a good post about breaking her bed upon the return of her man after a 5 day boys-only sailing trip/booze cruise!).

And it gives me an excuse to post some early questions and get the game rolling again. Thanks to Spork for submitting a question.

1. What are you afraid of?

2. What was you worst fear that you overcame?

3. What's the meanest thing you've ever done?

4. What is your favorite taste? (and it is a shame that Ryan's out of the pocket on this one because I know he'd dig on it)

5. If you could relocate your life to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I may end up adding more questions as the week progresses but I had to welcome Everyday Stranger because it would have been impolite not to. And my momma raised me right!

Keep asking questions, put them in the comments or add them to the Zonkboard on the side!

Thursday, July 17

A Growing Cheddar X and this Week's Questions

Well, the Cheddar X roster continues its upward expansion. This week we welcome Sepia Sight to the fold. And Karen has already posted a question to the Zonkboard! Good stuff!

Let's see how many questions we've got for this week, shall we?

1. What are your top three favorite smells?

2. What scents on men/women do you find most attractive? And what scents to you absolutely despise?

3. What was your worst nickname growing up?

4. What nickname did you want to have?

5. What was the last trick you pulled on someone?

6. What was the last trick you had pulled on you?

I'll start working on my responses and will have them posted sometime tomorrow most likely.
Thanks to everyone for their input!

Friday, July 11

A New Member of the Cheddar X and This Week's Questions
Everyone, this is,, this is everyone. Get yourself some coffee and join the circle. Hehehe.

And Jivha has moved to Movable Type and is now, Jivha - The Tongue. Which may require some disclaimer that its not a sex blog, or maybe its becoming a sex blog?

The Cheddar X is starting to get some legs!

But let's get to the questions as we missed last week because of the 4th.

From Carlene comes the first question and its an open ended one.

When was the last time you went too far?

And the ones that have come to me during the week.

When was the last time you couldn't get home under your own power?

What's the most crazy thing you've seen or done while driving/commuting?

Ever been bare down there? (this is a reference to the Secret Garden as Carlene calls it)

If you had a week to live, what would you do?

Would your eating habits change if your vegetables struggled or cried before you ate them? (a direct question from a controversy this week)

When was the last time you were embarrassed to be seen with someone and why?

Wednesday, July 9

Umm, Technical Difficulties and a Short Work Week
Yeah, I slipped up a bit last week and did not get the Cheddar X up and rolling as it normally does, around Friday, with a set of new and innovative questions that make the lame crap that the Friday Five posts look like the lame crap that the Friday Five posts.

But, as the Cheddar X is still on the down low I think we're okay.

And the extra week has allowed me time to germinate and develop a bunch of good questions.
The first of which I will start posting tomorrow.

Anyone surfing by and want to suggest a question? Leave a message or comment.