Wednesday, November 28

We Eat Cheddar X

How about a gastronomic Cheddar X, It's Cheesier
for a little change?

1. What do you make sure you keep in your fridge at all times?
2. What is the oddest thing in your fridge?
3. What is the oddest thing in your freezer?
4. What is your go to comfort food?
5. What food reminds you of your childhood?
6. How often do you eat out?
7. What are you most likely to get at a drive thru?
8. What's your favorite fast food?

Mmmm, I'm looking forward to reading responses to this one. Post a comment with a link when you've completed this week's Cheddar X. And if you haven't been added to the X-tras list and would like to be, let me know.

Happy Cheddaring!

Friday, November 16

Shiny New Cheddar X

After a long, long time since I've posted a new Cheddar X, It's Cheesier, I got a wild hair and upgraded to the new Blogger. Loads of fun cutting and pasting everything from the last template. And then figuring out the Haloscan install (they should mention that you need to have comments turned on in Blogger for the Haloscan install to show up). Anyway, let's get to some cheese, if you please.

1. What are your top 5 political annoyances?
2. What are your top 4 entertainment annoyances?
3. What are your top 3 family annoyances?
4. What are your top 2 SO (that's signicant other) annoyances?
5. What is your single greatest annoyance right now?

Alrighty then. More to come!