Tuesday, August 31

Tick Tock

No Cheddar X style questions.

I'm considering shutting down the Cheddar X. Or re-orging it into a less time consumptive chore. Maybe a once a month Cheddar X? Its distracting me from more important stuff like my son, my hound, my wife and house work.

I'd love some help with it but no one seems to have any interest in helping.

And with me the sole respondent to last week's questions, I'm kind of ready to pack it in.

Anyone got any thoughts?
I'll take a lack of response as a pretty solid indicator that the concept has stretched far enough to snap and break and I'll shutter the site.

Wednesday, August 25

I Didn't Mean to Go There Cheese

This week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier started out innocently enough with some nice little questions about words and stories but then it fell into Olympic fever. My apologies but here we go anyway, its late, I'm tired and mildly sunburned. Have a good time with the Cheese.

1. What's the cleverest word play you've read or made up?
2. What's the most outrageous cover story you've ever tried to make up?
3. Did it work?
4. Favorite line from a song? (Eighteen double oh and a table dance).
5. What has been your favorite Olympic moment?
6. What sport shouldn't be in the Olympics?
7. What sport should be in the Olympics?
8. What's wrong with the Olympics?

And that is what we've got for this week, folks. Anyone got any input for next week? No? No worries, I'll think of something.

Friday, August 13

GSW Cheese

For those that aren't knowing, GSW doesn't stand for gun shot wound, it stands for Gratuitous Swearing Week which I've been running a little under the radar on Intellectual Poison.

Due to Easy's influence and Heather's seconding the motion, this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier has an optional twist to it (since I know there are folks out there who don't enjoy the simple and crude pleasure of a well constructed invective) to pepper your Cheddar with some spice verbiage.

With GSW this week would have been called Lowered Expectations Cheese. So let's get to the questions, alright?

1. Who or what was the last thing you were really looking forward to that ended up not being at all what you'd expected or hoped for?
2. Who have you lost respect for recently? Why?
3. What or who disappointed you lately?
4. How have you disappointed someone close to you?
5. What chore would you most like your significant other to do or finish?
6. What is your biggest self-inflicted danger to your health? (I.e. in my case I have a serious and uncontrollable requirement for lots and lots of Cheetos even though I know that my insides are probably day glo orange by now).

And that's the Cheese that's fit to be cheesed. You are welcome to sprinkle your responses with Gratuitous Swearing if you like. But it is, like all other things Cheddary and X'y, its a do it if you like it deal.

Good cheese to you!

Wednesday, August 11

Would You Rather Cheddar or Provolone?

Taking a cue from some other question type memes, here's the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier Would You Rather.....

Would you rather:

Sing country songs buck naked to the PTA or come across your "art" photos on a porn site?

Have a biker gang for neighbors or five chatty Chihuahuas within barking distance?

Be addicted to sniffing modeling glue or be addicted to huffing butane from Bic lighters?

Lick a 9 volt battery or lick the bottom of your foot?

Ketchup soup or mustard soup?

Live in a great house in a place you don't like or a bad house in a place you love?

Spend a weekend at a spa or spend a weekend camping?

And finally, just a couple of questions this week to maintain the continuity.
1. What would you host a cable tv program about?
2. What or who do you lust for?
3. You've got a spare $5,000, what do you do with it?
4. How often do you see your family?

Alright, I'm done, I've got work to get to working on and rooms to clear out so I can start laying out the new floor.

Have a good Cheddar, let me know if you liked this one or not and maybe it'll get added back into the queue.

Tuesday, August 3

Quick Cheese Tuesday

Alright, let's get the lead out, get this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier all taken care of, there. Alright.

No theme this week, just lots of questions scientifically designed to make you dig into your innermost being. Bah! Enough jibber jabber, let's get to the Q & A!

1. Who was your most unlikely friendship?
2. What Fear Factor stunt would you design?
3. Which stunt would defeat you?
4. What movies do you know by heart?
5. What is your favorite post on someone else's blog?
6. What's your favorite leftover food?
7. Who was the last person who challenged your beliefs and got you to change your mind?
8. How do you waste time you should spend doing useful stuff?

And that, good friends and lookee-loos, is this week's Cheddar X!