Wednesday, August 25

I Didn't Mean to Go There Cheese

This week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier started out innocently enough with some nice little questions about words and stories but then it fell into Olympic fever. My apologies but here we go anyway, its late, I'm tired and mildly sunburned. Have a good time with the Cheese.

1. What's the cleverest word play you've read or made up?
2. What's the most outrageous cover story you've ever tried to make up?
3. Did it work?
4. Favorite line from a song? (Eighteen double oh and a table dance).
5. What has been your favorite Olympic moment?
6. What sport shouldn't be in the Olympics?
7. What sport should be in the Olympics?
8. What's wrong with the Olympics?

And that is what we've got for this week, folks. Anyone got any input for next week? No? No worries, I'll think of something.