Wednesday, August 11

Would You Rather Cheddar or Provolone?

Taking a cue from some other question type memes, here's the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier Would You Rather.....

Would you rather:

Sing country songs buck naked to the PTA or come across your "art" photos on a porn site?

Have a biker gang for neighbors or five chatty Chihuahuas within barking distance?

Be addicted to sniffing modeling glue or be addicted to huffing butane from Bic lighters?

Lick a 9 volt battery or lick the bottom of your foot?

Ketchup soup or mustard soup?

Live in a great house in a place you don't like or a bad house in a place you love?

Spend a weekend at a spa or spend a weekend camping?

And finally, just a couple of questions this week to maintain the continuity.
1. What would you host a cable tv program about?
2. What or who do you lust for?
3. You've got a spare $5,000, what do you do with it?
4. How often do you see your family?

Alright, I'm done, I've got work to get to working on and rooms to clear out so I can start laying out the new floor.

Have a good Cheddar, let me know if you liked this one or not and maybe it'll get added back into the queue.