Wednesday, March 24

Early and Short Cheddar

Yep, Wednesday Cheddar X, It's Cheesier, no theme, just a few questions I've been kicking around for a little while

1. What would you want written on your epitaph?
2. What do you collect and why?
3. What's the dumbest legal action you know of?
4. What single decision in your life do you wish you could change? (might be a double, oh well)
5. Some people resemble their dogs, do you know anyone that resembles their name?
And from Robert
6. What's your favourite / most used unit of time?
Which makes me wonder.
7. What's the best internet time device you've seen so far?

And yeah, that's it. This week's Cheddar is all done and ready for the chomping. Dig in and spread it around!

Next up: Sarcastic Word Associations, Themed Word Associations or Double Word Associations because I had a blast with the last round and am eager to try it again.

Monday, March 22

Welcome to the Cheese!

I should have done this on Friday but things got a little busy and its now Monday so what are you gonna do?

Anyway, a big welcome shout out to Heather from No Particular Order. In her responses to last week's Cheddar X she gave me an interesting idea that I'm curious about how to implement and would love some input. Its sort of a new take on the old game, Telegraph. Or maybe its a double word association? I'm not sure.

Anyway, here's what she did "Linux = Linus = Snoopy".

I've been working on how to do it and maybe it makes the most sense to just call it a double word association. Have a list of words, write in the first that pops into your mind on them, go through the list and then go through it again but working off of the new words. Anybody got any insights to share?

So, welcome, Heather!

Thursday, March 18

Speed Cheese

A festering concept for this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. Word associations! Oh boy! If anyone's not been in therapy then here's how this works, read each line and type in the first thing that pops into your head, it doesn't necessarily have to be a single word but that's the general idea. And once we're all done, I'll be able to compile that nice marketing profile and sell it to DoubleClick. Nah, not really.

When I say:
Olympics, you say? =
Politics =
John Kerry =
George Bush =
Osama =
Same-sex marriage =
Todd Bertuzzi =
Barry Bonds =
The Passion of the Christ =
Beach =
Britney Spears =
Paris Hilton =
Microsoft =
France =
Hans Blix =
Linux =
Outsource =
Hummer H2 =
Honor =
Love =
Courteney Love =

I'm sure I could just keep rolling with it but that should be plenty for now. If you feel like expounding on any of the topics then feel free.
Happy Cheddar X'ing!

Thursday, March 11

Is it Thursday Already?

Wow, this has been a fast week! I'd intended on posting questions on Tuesday but seeing as its now Thursday that didn't quite come to pass.

Anyway, here is this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier, dig in and have some fun.

1. What's your favorite form of corporate or governmental irony? (I.e. a bike company called Huffy)
2. What are your favorite acronyms?
3. Do you have personal acronyms? What are they?
4. Where do you shop online?
5. What do you buy online?
6. What would you do if you were falsely accused of shoplifting?
7. What's your take on Feng Shui? Hooey or truey?

And that's all I've got for this week.
Sorry, got a lot of work stuff going on right now or I'd ramble on for a bit. But instead, I've gotta get back to work.
Happy Cheddaring!

By the way, there has been a links purge as of this afternoon. I checked the sites before dropping them but if you got dropped and don't want to be dropped then drop me a dropping note to say don't drop me.

Thursday, March 4

Busy Day Cheddar X

I haven't had time to map out the Number X that I've been considering for the last couple of weeks so we're passing on that for now and going back to the standard question set. And, since today is a busy day in the Huh? house, we're just going to jump right into the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier

1. Where do you do your best thinking?
2. What was the last thing you gave away?
3. What generation do you most identify with? What generation interests you the most?
4. What was your favorite pet growing up?
5. What keeps you up at night?
6. What do you love about your significant other?

Wham-bam, there she goes, another cheesy Cheddar X, It's Cheesier in the bag.

Side note: AllGuinness, my patron saint of net thingies that kickass, has put together a little Cheddar X rating tool that's still in process but shows some real promise. It was just a thought to add a little competition to the mix by having ratings of each week's Cheddar X.

Stop by, give him some feedback and encouragement. He's also the guy who put together the Blinky Linker that puts together a visual representation of the interlinkings between blogs so that, if I'd gotten it set up here, mousing over any blog in the Cheddar X Roll call would highlight the other blogs that that blog I'm moused over is linked to. Its a really cool concept and I need to play with the toy more since he's gone to 2.0 which automates alot more of the process.