Thursday, November 25

Melted Cheddar

Since much of the country is gripped by this strange phenomenon called Winter, Easy sent over some questions designed to heat things up a bit. So here we go with this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier.

1. Hottest place you've visited? Lived?
2. Song that gets you hot?
3. Person other than Signifigant Other that gets you hot?
4. Hottest movie scene?
5. Hottest sexual experience?
6. Hottest non-sexual experience?

Alright? Howzat workin' for ya?
Good? Now go and get yourself some turkey, some stuffing and go watch some football like a good citizen!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And I'm giving Thanks to Easy for saving my bacon!

Thursday, November 18

Sociologist's Cheese

I don't know, the only theme that seemed to come out of this week's questions seem like questions a sociologist or psychologist might ask during an interview.

Anyway, here's this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. Hope its fun for you all.

1. What's the most bizarre news story that comes to mind? (link to it if you can)
2. What has caused you to lose faith in humanity lately?
3. What's caused you to believe in humanity?
4. What tasks would you most like to have an army of trained monkeys to do for you?
5. Is it morally more defensible to be prey or predator? Why?
6. What are your shortcuts at home? Work? (By shortcut, I mean, how do you save time during your day, not the route you take to the crapper!)
7. What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

And I think that should just about do it for this week's Cheese.
I've got a couple of ideas percolating for next week but who knows what will happen as I'll be travelling. Anyone want to take over and guest host the Cheddar X next week?

Also, depending on how much free time I have next week, I might start migrating the Cheddar X to my own web space. It'll give me more control over the page. I will give alot of notice before moving away from here though. If you do happen to miss the notice then swing on by Intellectual Poison and there will be the correct link there. Its time to start putting in some more time to make the Cheddar X all that it can be.

Any site designers in the troop who want to work on a redesign?

Thursday, November 11

Playing with Words: Cheddar Associations

I've got a growing list of questions for next week but I wanted to do a slightly detuned Cheddar X, It's Cheesier this week. Something not quite mindless but one that didn't require me to examine my entire belief system as I just don't have the time for it now.

So let's do a little Cheddar X word associations. You can opt to do the double association as we've done before or just go through the list once. I'm kind of down today so whatever makes you happy is cool. And I am going to make a distinct effort to now allow my mood to permeate this week's Cheese.

And now, onto the words....

Fluffy bunnies -
Coffee -
Flat tax -
Fair and open -
Truth -
Justice -
America -
The Culture of Fear -
Honesty -
Justice - (Ed. Note: DOH!!!)
Freedom -
Comfort -
Soothing -
Healing -
The Future -

Okay, that feels like a good place to come to a stop. Not an overly taxing Cheddar this week. But that's okay, sometimes it feels good to coast a little bit, you know?

By the way, everyone say hi to Mikhail of Coffee Talk, the latest brave soul to willingly join the ranks of the Cheddar X. Stop by and give him a howdy.

Thursday, November 4

Bitter Pill Cheddar

Warning, you might want to skip this week if you've had your fill of politics. I'm bitter, pissed off and am going to use the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier to see if I can find some things out.

I'll totally understand if the rest of the universe is ready to really move on. I'm getting there but I've got a little more to go.

1. What went wrong on Tuesday's election?
2. What would you be willing to die for?
3. Is it the same thing you'd be willing to kill for? (if there's anything you're willing to kill for).
4. What is your personal plan for the next four years?
5. Do you think the US will be as divided and angry in four years? More or less?

Okay, that's about all I can do for now. I'm sure I'll have more questions moving forward but I am also trying to put the nightmare of Tuesday behind me and focus on the future.

Have a good Cheddar, folks. Next week I think I'm leaning towards some word associations.