Thursday, November 11

Playing with Words: Cheddar Associations

I've got a growing list of questions for next week but I wanted to do a slightly detuned Cheddar X, It's Cheesier this week. Something not quite mindless but one that didn't require me to examine my entire belief system as I just don't have the time for it now.

So let's do a little Cheddar X word associations. You can opt to do the double association as we've done before or just go through the list once. I'm kind of down today so whatever makes you happy is cool. And I am going to make a distinct effort to now allow my mood to permeate this week's Cheese.

And now, onto the words....

Fluffy bunnies -
Coffee -
Flat tax -
Fair and open -
Truth -
Justice -
America -
The Culture of Fear -
Honesty -
Justice - (Ed. Note: DOH!!!)
Freedom -
Comfort -
Soothing -
Healing -
The Future -

Okay, that feels like a good place to come to a stop. Not an overly taxing Cheddar this week. But that's okay, sometimes it feels good to coast a little bit, you know?

By the way, everyone say hi to Mikhail of Coffee Talk, the latest brave soul to willingly join the ranks of the Cheddar X. Stop by and give him a howdy.