Thursday, June 12

This Week's Set of Questions for the Cheddar X

Lots of choices, lots of things to think about this week. We could go political (Hillary running for President?), we could go tragedy (more hatred and murder in the Middle East), big business (Sam Waksal and Martha Stewart) or keep it more personal.

Jivha and Carlene have offered some good questions. Got one for next week? Leave a comment, send me an email or use the Zonkboard over there.

My responses will be up on Intellectual Poison later on today most likely.

Without further ado, I give you, The Cheddar X:

1. If your house were burning and you only had time to grab three things (assuming kids and pets got out safely), what would they be?

2. What's the age of the oldest piece of food(cheese maybe) in your fridge?

3. Are you open, or do you lie about masturbation/digging your nose to others?

4. Is the USA too deeply buried in consumerism and crass over marketing? What can be done about it?

5. What was the last lie you told and do you still feel okay about telling it? What would be the consequences if you were found out?

6. If you have to chop off a part of your body to live, what part is it going to be and how would you do it?