Thursday, October 16

X Marks the Cheddar

Without all the hub bub of weddings and honeymoons and more snot filled rags than anyone should ever have to see, here comes the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier .

1. What was the last person, thing or event that made you cry?
2. What was your most recent vivid dream about?
3. What is the best bumper sticker you've seen or thought up?
4. Who was your worst room mate? Why?
5. What do you order most often when you go out to eat?
6. What's your cocktail of choice? Or beverage for the non-drinkers?

Bonus Question:
Can anyone explain how Arnold Schwarzenegger became the governor of California? And how we can get rid of him?

A couple of ideas I've been knocking around. Would people be interested in doing some themed questions? Say a Cheddar XXX question about sex stuff? Or music? Or work? Or something else? I'm open to ideas.

Also, I didn't get a decent pic that worked for me the first camera challenge. But I did come across this pic of Santa Cruz that's pretty cool. I'll have to dig through my archives and see if there's one that hits the Santa Cruz nail on the head for me.

Anyone got any ideas for the next photo challenge? I was thinking extreme closeups would be interesting.