Thursday, February 24

Wordsmith Cheddar X

In further honor of the passing of Hunter S. Thompson, I'm going to take the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier deep into wordsmithing territory and delve where scary words dwell. Maybe not but that sounded cool to write.

1. What word or words do you just love?
2. What word or words make you want to tear your hair and run up and down the street with your fingers in your ears going "Lalalalalalalala"?
3. What words do people commonly misuse that make you mad/crazy?
4. What's the prettiest word you know?
5. What word sounds like what it means?
6. What word or words just make no sense? (I.e., a word like "whatsoever" is a pretty bizarre word when you look at it).
7. What words soothe you?

That was kind of fun, I don't imagine it will easier on the backside when I get to answering these but writing them out was dandy!

Happy Cheesing, everyone.