Friday, March 11

Friday Cheese

I had intentioned on getting this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier taken care of over the weekend so I could be all footloose and fancy-free (what does that mean, anyway?).

But no, I got too busy, too distracted and then some. So here we are now, Friday morning and a Cheddar X still in the hopper. So let's get right to it. How about a Current Events Cheddar X?

1. What's been the most surprising piece of news in the last month?
2. What is the best and most uplifting story you've read recently?
3. Where do you get most of your news from?
4. What do you think of this week's resignation of Dan Rather?
5. What standards do you think bloggers need to be held to in terms of reporting honestly and as factually as possible?
6. What about blogs being written by media outlets?
7. What's wrong with the news?

Hmm, well that sort of took a left turn midway through so I'm not really quite sure where we ended up. But that's alright, I like the questions anyway though I'll freely admit to being less than enthused about the Dan Rather one, I'm just curious as to what others thought of it.

And that's the cheese for this week!