Friday, August 12

Nothing But Static on Channel X

Tawdry, trite and trivial is a good way to sum up this week/month's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. We at the Cheddar X underground bunker have been having a ball with Tivo'ing stupid moments, rewinding them to watch them again and again and again. Like Jay Payton's great catch before he slammed into the wall last week at the A's game in the Coliseum. Or watching Ken Shamrock (one of the Ultimate Fighters) come off the fence in the Octogan to bring his knee into his opponent's chin and end the fight in one single quick movement (I loved watching Shaq react to the hit!).

This X is all about the idiot box.

1. What do you watch most?
2. What would you be embarassed to be caught watching even though you do watch it?
3. Write yourself into a tv show.
4. Replace someone in a tv show.
5. Who would you like to see out of tvland forever?
6. Who would you like to see back?
7. Entertainment or information?
8. What makes for a good viewing experience for you?
9. Have you ever had a great idea for a special niche cable channel (like the Golf Channel or Home and Garden TV)?
10. What was your favorite show when you were a kid?
11. Most memorable moment of television?
12. Most memorable moment you'd just as soon forget?
13. What would you like to see again?

That's about all I've got, actually that's not wholly true, I've got more but its not any good so I'll spare you all.

Happy Cheddaring to you all.