Monday, January 2

Meme of Four Six

So I guess there's this groovy new meme roaming the intarnets called the Meme of Four. But its not '04 anymore, its '06 (I'm pronouncing it "aught six" until I'm told I can't anymore). So the Meme of Four gets a Cheddar X-ing and becomes the Meme of Six. It makes more sense this way but I don't ever expect the world to make sense. Its been a while, kids, but its time for the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier to shake its cobwebs off and ride again!

Six jobs you've had in your life:

Six movies you could watch over and over:

Six places you've lived:

Six TV shows you love to watch:

Six places you've been on vacation:

Six websites you visit daily:

Six of your favorite foods:

Six places you'd rather be:

Six albums you can't live without:

And there it is, an early Cheddar X for the new year. Can't promise any regular new ones beyond this but I do keep thinking of questions for the X. Maybe I'll end up doing a hodge-podge Cheddar X next time to close out some of the draft posts.
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