Tuesday, August 15

Cheddar X-Like Substance

Has been a long, long time coming and I cannot (and would not) claim this Cheddar X, It's Cheesier for my own, but I loved it and there's more to come. So there will be a few Cheddars following this one. Almost completely shameless lifted from Midvale School for Gifted Alumni Association who got it from MJ but added an mp3 and so improved the stock. I add nothing but am pushing the meme further and that's gotta count for something.

1. My roommate and I once:
2. Never in my life have I:
3. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always manage to make me smile is:
4. High school was:
5. When I'm nervous:
6. The last time I cried was:
7. If I were to get married right now, my bridesmaids/groomsmen would be:
8. Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone e-mail your deepest secret to all your friends?
9. My hair:
10. When I was 5:

So there ya go!

Oh yeah, I also am about to add an Email subscription functionality via FeedBlitz. So, instead of coming back to a never updated page, you'll get an email when I do get a new Cheddar X up. Hooah!