Monday, September 8

More Cheddar X Converts!

Melodrama wrote me an email over the weekend asking to join the ranks of the Cheddar X elite because the Friday Five was inane. And its my pleasure to make it so. Everyone, this is Melodrama, Melodrama, this is everyone. Come on in, get yourself a drink and make yourself at home.

[But wait, there's more! We're also welcoming Obscurorant. Everyone say howdy and make some room around the campfire.]

Side note, this week's questions will probably be posted on Wednesday as I'll be on the road and in the air all day Thursday and gone through the weekend.
Which brings me to another side note idea that just occurred to me. How many Cheddar X'ers have digital cameras? I thought it would be kind of cool to occasionally do a group project idea like having everyone snap pics of something local and posting them to the Cheddar X. Its just a very raw idea now but what do people think? Good, bad? Stupid? Cool?