Wednesday, September 10

This Week's , a bit Early but Still Sharp

As I'll be out of touch for the next few days this week's questions are going up early. And jeezo, this is the first week with no alternative input from any of the members! Which leaves the burden on me but don't worry, I'll shoulder it and carry the cheese on home.

1. What are the top three things you like about your job? Top three dislikes?
2. What do you wish you could do on your weekends?
3. What architectural style appeals to you the most and why?
4. If your house was on fire and your family and pets were safe but you could only grab three things, what would they be?
5. What was the last premonition you had come true?
6. What is love?

There were more but these are the cream of the crop, or at least the one's I liked best. Got some questions of your own? Use the note board over there on the right and let me know what's on your mind. Also, don't forget to let others know when you've posted your responses by leaving a comment on today's post.

The Cheddar X, It's Cheesier, taking a bite out of banality with some freshness, some flavor and just a little more complexity than those other question sites (at least I hope so!). Now let's get out there and spread the gospel according to Cheddar!

Also, we have yet another new member to the Cheddar X tribe, everybody give a big ol' cheesy Howdyado to Wired Nerve.