Thursday, December 18

Its Beginning to Look Alot like the Cheddar X!

Its that time again, a holiday inspired Cheddar X, It's Cheesier

As usually happens, I came up with all kinds of good regular X questions and only a spattering of holiday themed ones, but here's where the true beauty of the Cheddar X comes in to play. The Zonk Board questions will be carrying the load this week and that's alright by me because there's lots of end of the year projects to wrap up at work!

From Karen:
1. What was your most memorable present you received as a child? Good or bad.

From Chewie:
2. What is your most favorite holiday memory? Tradition?
3. Hot cocoa or hot apple cider?

And from Sue:
4. Egg Nog. Yes or yuck?!

To which I will add a couple more.
5. What's your favorite Christmas song or carol?

6. What's your favorite Christmas movie and why?

7. Do you spend the holidays with your family or with your friends or neither?

8. What is the most thoughtful gift you've ever given to someone?

I could go on now that my question asking side of the brain has woken up but this should be plenty to chew on until next week.

It looks like the Mad Libs idea is a go and I'll begin working on it. I think the plan is to Publish a list of needed words and then publish the short story that the words will fill in. As this is a very raw idea, I would welcome any help on it. I've got some ideas but can always use a few more. Send me an email at jh at intellectualpoison dot com with your input.

And there is it, another steaming pile of the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier.

Happy Holidays to everyone, thanks to Sue, Karen and Chewie for their input (Victoria, I tried to figure out a holiday themed question out of your comment on the board but failed, sorry!).