Thursday, December 11

Lost? Look No Further Than the Cheddar X for Salvation

Time for more Cheddar X, It's Cheesier! We had the best turnout ever for last week's band themed answers and I know I had a blast reading through people's answers.

1. What was your last near death experience?
1a. Or what is your most memorable near death experience?
2. How often do you pull or edit posts after publishing them?
3. How do you decide what to blog about?
4. What is your favorite work of art?
5. What was your last brush with the law about?
6. What's the most clever post title you've come up with?
7. What's the best marketing gimmick you've seen lately? Worst?

And I'm starting to develop another interesting concept for a Cheddar X. What would people's interests be in taking part in sort of MadLibs kind of Cheddar X where a certain number of adjectives, nouns, verbs and all those other fun parts of the language are entered into a short story? I think the best way for it to work is for a post of what the story requirements are on one day and then the short story with those blanks to be filled in the next or something like that. Is this a good idea or is doomed to fail because of the inherent weaknesses of the concept?

Also, because of the excellent response from last week's Cheddar X, I would also like to revisit the theme but by using movies as the base for answers. Maybe narrow it down to favorite actor or director. Of course, the set of questions would have to be changed but that's easily doable. Please leave responses in the comments or on the Tag Board (when its fixed). I will also be adding some more verbiage to the sidebar to make the aim of the Cheddar X a bit more accessible to newcomers.

One more idea to open up for discussion that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to already but would love some feedback. Would anyone be interested in doing a politically themed Cheddar X? My inclination is to say no but ya never know!

Everyone's assignment for next week? Give some thought to Christmas or holiday themed questions. Post questions to the comments or Tag Board. I've got a few working already but hey, I can always use a helping hand.

If you're lurking and wondering if you can play then lurk no more, come on in and join the X!