Wednesday, May 26

Hail to the Cheese

That's trite folks, this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier gets political with its moldy, oldy self.

So, enough jibber jabber, let's get to the questions!

1. If you had a choice of dinner with George W. Bush or John Kerry, which would it be, why and what would you serve?
2. What are your three major criteria for choosing who to vote for?
3. Do you plan to vote "for" someone or "against" someone?
4. What bothers you most about this presidential election?
5. How much does a candidate's religious affiliation have to do with your decision to vote for him?
6. When do you think the first female president will be elected?
7. Who, among prominent politicians, would you most like to see in the White House?
8. Who, among all people, would you like to see in the White House?


I hope we can all still be friends after this flaming Cheese!

I've got some ideas for next week already but let's get to them when the getting's good, shall we? Why yes, we shall!