Monday, December 6

It's Beginning to Look Alot like Cheddar X-Mas

More holiday inspired Cheddar X, It's Cheesier fun. Moving into the holiday season, I'm always curious about what people like and dislike about Christmas.

1. What do you like most about Christmas?
2. How have your Christmas perceptions changed over time?
3. Is it truly better to give than to receive?
4. What's your all time favorite Christmas present?
5. What gift are you most proud of giving to someone else?

Also, a couple of news thingies. Everyone say hi to Barb from All About Me(mes), she's the newest member of the cult Cheddar X. She also brought the broken subscription issue to my attention and I've fixed it on Bloglet so daily mailers should be functioning properly again.

I have also finally gotten around to buying the rights to and will be slowly getting the new destination into shape over the next couple of weeks. If you come by here and the site's gone then you can either try or swing by Intellectual Poison and I'll have the updated link there.

And, in the spirit of the season, I'd like to pass along Any Soldier, its a site that gets you in touch with troops in Iraq. You can send them a care package or letters or whatever. Its not that I support the war, I don't. But I do support the kids that are in that war and any taste of home that we can send them would be incredibly appreciated.