Friday, December 17

Retro X: Breakdown

This week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier is a trip down memory lane. It'll be a shorter trip for some and a longer trip for others but I hope the sights along the way are worth the trip.

Within the time period of High School:
5 People you wish you were still close to
4 Places you used to frequent
3 Classes you loathed
2 Teachers who made a difference
1 Moment to relive or erase.

Well that was kind of fun to put together. I hope its fun to take part in.

I should also note that the Cheddar X Bloglet subscription is going to be changing to NotifyList. Bloglet keeps grabbing drafts and publishing them and that's just completely unacceptable. So, sorry to Bloglet subscibers but things'll be changing again.

Have a happy and cheesy weekend!