Friday, August 22

Another Week, Another Cheddar X

Without much preamble, perhaps I'll add some later when I'm settled in but for now, let's jump straight to this week's questions, provided mostly by Snooze Button Dreams and a few of my own.
Dig in and get yourself some Cheddar.

1. What's your worst alcohol related experience?
2. What's the absolute dumbest thing you've done?
3. What is your biggest crossroad in life? That is, what choice, action, non-action most brought you to where you are instead of where you might have been?
4. Who are your favorite bloggers and why?
5. What's your best example of ironic justice?
6. Which is more futile, the war on drugs or the war on terrorism?
7. How many copies of the Sobig worm have you had to delete this week? (round off to the nearest hundred thousand if you like)