Thursday, August 28

The Newest Penetrating High Velocity Questions

Without the fanfare, without the fanatical teenaged girls swooning and fainting as the Cheddar X gets off the plane, without the need to take easy jabs at the yawniness that is the Friday Five, here are this week's latest questions. Guaranteed to make you think but not guaranteed to make your hair grow back or your crab grass to disappear.

1. What TV show do you remember most from your childhood, and why?
2. Who would you elect for governor of California? (Assume you're a registered California voter.)
3. Do violence and drugs in entertainment media cause violent or delinquent behavior in minors?
4. What are your current views on Iraq? How do they compare to your views from before the war?
5. What phobias do you have? (Fear of spiders, crowds, etc.)
6. If you could change one facet of American (or your) culture what would it be?

There ya go, take yourself a big old bite of the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier and pass it around!

Questions this week are courtesy of Everyday Stranger and Snooze Button Dreams, that's right. I didn't do a damned thing this week for the Cheddar X although I did come up with a couple of questions but these were sooooo much better that I am allowing myself to fade into the crowd and applaud their efforts. And yes, Jim, I did take out one question, I'll try to get it back in for next week, I've gotta edit something, ya know?

Don't forget to leave a comment when you've posted your responses, otherwise people won't know when to go and hit up your site to get their share of your own special Cheddar!