Thursday, November 6

The Hot, Fresh and Always Tasty Cheddar X

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier with wit, humor, some biting commentary, personal history and passion. That said, let's get to the goods.

This week's questions, no theme, just the randomness that oozes from my head.
1. What good did you do in the world today?
2. What fashion trend are you glad that's gone away? Or what trend are you waiting to go away?
3. What's your greatest sports moment, your own or one you've witnessed?
4. Who would you nominate for the most annoying person award?
5. What do you do to get yourself ready to write? Either blogging or other writing? (I.e. I'm a whiskey drinker and like to have a tumbler to sip from when I write fiction).
6. Mac or PC or Linux? Why? (I'm curious about this because it seems like the majority of bloggers I know are Mac folks but maybe I'm just wishfully thinking).

The Cheddar X welcomes a new member this week, everyone say hi to Kitty Says, Kitty Says, this is everyone. Have fun and play nice or, if you plan to play mean then at least do with some humor tossed in.

Possible Themes in the works (and yes, please voice your vote in the comments): Sex, as in Cheddar XXX, music, sports, books, politics. I'm sure there are plenty more to think about choose from but my brain's tired and this is all that's coming out for right now. Feel free to make suggestions on the tag board or in the comments.

Ahh, the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier, so tasty, so piquant and spreadable. Go get some!