Wednesday, November 26

Solo Cheddar X-stacy

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm partially recycling post titles but isn't imitation some sort of flattery? What if I'm imitating myself? Oh well. Its that time again, time for the goodness that is the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. We've got a short week busted in half by Turkey Day tomorrow and I know most of the nation will be in a tryptophan induced coma by four in the afternoon, just about the time we head out to start looting houses for Christmas presents.

Enough about me. Let's get to the Cheddar X questions this week.

1. What's the funniest town name you've ever seen?
2. What was the last museum you went to?
3. When was the last time you were grossed out? (I'd been thinking about narrowing this down to the last time you were grossed out a pal's house but why limit responses?)
4. What is the best blog title you've come across or made up on your own?
5. Do you live in your hometown now? What caused you to stay or move away?
6. If you were a criminal mastermind, how would you take over the world?

Next week question notes: I'm working on a set of questions that's intended to be answered by using song titles of your favorite band. I was thinking it might be kind of fun to not name the band and see if people can figure it out. What do folks think?

Submit questions you might have on the tag board or in the comments.

Thanks for the cool emails I've been getting this week, they make all of this way more fun to know that other people are getting kicks out of it as well. Which reminds me, if you know of some other blogs answering the Cheddar X, post a comment so the rest of us can check them out.

And there it is, this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. Go get some!