Thursday, January 15

Movie Night at the Cheddar!

It is THAT time again, folks, time to settle in for some good old Cheddar X, It's Cheesier!

This week is a return to the concept of the favorite band songs as answers from a month or two ago. Only this time we're using movies instead of song titles.

Choose your favorite actor and answer the questions below with movies they have been in. Best bet is to hit up a site like Reel or something like it to get a full list of your actor's movies. As before with the music themed version of this, you can opt to disclose the actor or not and allow readers to try and guess who it is. It may be too difficult to answer all the questions with a single actor's filmography so you can either skip some or split the list in two and use two different actors. Do whatever makes you happy.

1. What is your home life like?
2. What is your first thought when you think about high school?
3. What is your strongest personality trait?
4. What's your work like?
5. What do you wish your job was?
6. Describe your partner.
7. Describe yourself.
8. What's some good advice?
9. Tell us about your childhood.
10. What would you say to your ten year old self?

Alrighty then, there's this week's new and oh so cool Cheddar X, It's Cheesier!

Also, we do have a new member to the Cheddar this week, everyone make sure to make XSet feel welcome!