Thursday, January 29

Bitter Cheddar

And now for something a little different, Sarcastic Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. Interpret it however you like. I'd thought that it would be fun to have a bitter and cynical sarcasm based Cheddar X and this is the best I could come up with on short notice.

1. What sucked today?
2. How are ya doing?
3. Got any plans for the weekend?
4. Hey, is that a new haircut?
5. What's up?
6. Spare some change?
7. What is it with kids today?

Next week will be normal questions again so I don't get too backed up with them. I may also try a new idea, something like MadLibs but easier. Kind of a fill in the blank concept. I'll flesh it out more next week.

By the way, has anyone already invented the word sarcaustic? When your sarcasm is nasty enough to burn a hole in someone? If not then I have. And I'll add it to my ever growing lexicon.

Also, we do have another new member to the Cheddar X family, everyone, this is Mojo Mark, MojoMark, this is everyone.

And that's this week's Twilight Zone induced Cheddar X, It's Cheesier. Go Get Some!