Wednesday, February 11

Cheddar seX! Oooh Baby!

That's right, Cheddarlovers, this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier is all about sex.

Let's get down on it then!

From BuggreAlleThis comes the first question.
1. Who's your daddy?
The rest are from my own twisted curiosity. Some short answers, some long answers but its not in the length it's in how you answer that counts!
2. What's your orientation?
3. What's your favorite sexual position?
4. How do you feel about porn?
5. How do you feel about same sex porn?
6. About how often do you engage in sexual relations?
7. How often do you masturbate?
8. Do you have toys?
9. What was your most intense sexual experience?
10. How important is sex to maintaining the bond between you and your partner?
11. Have you ever engaged in same sex activities?
12. Have you ever considered "swinging"?
13. What is your earliest sexual memory?
14. Have you ever paid for sex? (interpret that however you like)
15. Are you more aroused by visual, auditory or sensate (touch) stimulation?
16. How long have you gone without sex with another person?
17. How long have you gone without sex period?
18. Do you have to have an emotional connection before having sex with someone? How has that changed as you've grown up?

Okay, as might be apparent, I've got a lot of thoughts on the subject and could easily go on and on and on with the questions. But, as it is, this is longest Cheddar X, It's Cheesier to date already.

PS Jim just wrote me with an excellent idea. "Answer one question with a lie and see if your readers can tell which one is the falsity" (note, I would have probably said falsehood but hey, I'm quoting here! hehehe)/