Thursday, February 26

Ode to my Cheddar

There must be nothing better
Than another week of Cheddar
The questions are primed and ready
Stay the course and hold 'er steady
Work your way through
You all already know what to do.

Welcome to this week's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier where the order of the day is rhyming or responding in verse. It was far harder to come up with questions than I first thought. Have some fun, take your time, getting the Cheddar up late isn't a crime and over the weekend or next week is fine.

And whoever can figure out what rhymes with orange gets the bonus prize this week!

1. What is your favorite poem or verse? Why?
2. Describe your family.
3. What line in a song or poem do people always screw up that drives you nuts?
4. Are there poems or songs that you intentionally change the words to?
5. Make up a standard limerick about something funny that happened in the last couple of days.
6. How about a haiku about your last intense emotional moment?
7. What's caught your eye in the news lately?

I'm not sure about answering number 3 and 4 in verse but hey, give it a try if you want to.

And that's this week's Ode to the X that is the Cheddar X, It's Cheesier.
Next week is numbered X. I'll have to figure out what that means but that's next week, I've got to get my rhyming cap on and get to work!

I have also been mulling around the idea of either selecting or voting on a best Cheddar of the Week, what do folks think?